Unsere kulinarische Jahreszeitenreise


A journey through our kitchen year 2022


After the events in the last quarter of 2021, we need some time and to re-sort.


On Thursday, February 10 we start the year with new opening hours and a few other innovations.

18 & 19 February Swiss Cheese - Fondue Plausch from 4 persons on advance booking..


102 years of tradition oblige! Always in the week AFTER carnival::

Monday, 7 March; Tuesday, 8. March; Wednesday, 9.March takes place the Starkbierfest statt – for the first time with Hauf Dinkelator from the barrel and hearty from the kitchen.


On April 1st - NOT a joke

will be held our 1st theme evening of vegetarian and vegan food Pre-order the menu in 3 or 4 courses or choose from our vor oder wählen Sie aus unserer menu specially created for this evening.

Good Friday come a few fish swam - let you Surprisewhat we make of it.

On Easter Sunday we offer „LAMM NEWS“


Our son celebrates confirmation - therefore our restaurant is closed on Sunday, May 8, 2022 .

From May 12, the Primtjes entice once again; classic, Scandinavian or pure.

May and June:

- until Johanni - attracts Franconian asparagus spears from Haidt near Kitzingen in many different variations according to your order Fresh cooked and prepared.


Kinderzeche, with the Dämmerschoppen in the "Riese - Gärtle "on Kinderzech - Tuesday.


Refined dishes with fresh chanterelles - not only for vegetarians a pleasure.

Of course, we also offer a variety of homemade vegetarian and vegan dishes throughout the year.

For special diets contact Doris Fandrey; she did her diet chef training in Switzerland.


In the "R" months we offer: Carp fillets without bones from the carp farm Karl Wiesinger. Prepared differently here, of course, but delicious as always!


On Friday, October 7th, the 2nd theme night is on the program: The art of brewing beer. It starts at 6:00 p.m. with a lecture by master brewer Florian Hauf. This is followed by a beer menu. Reservation needed!

The 3rd themed evening will take place on October 21 and will be under the motto freshwater fish. A light three-course menu with information on the fish being processed. Start is 6:00 p.m. Reservation required.

28.October to 9.November we go on vacation with our child.


The days are getting shorter - ideal time, to enjoy a meat fondue in a relaxed atmosphere.

From four people on advance booking.


Always Sunday lunchtime fresh from the oven while stocks last:
crispy roasted farmer's duck as duck quarter or half duck with red cabbage and potato dumpling.

Advent and Christmas party we can do only in a small scale with menu.

Closing time will also be 22:00 here

On Christmas Eve and first holiday we have closed.

Reserve your seats well in advance for the Boxing Day lunchtime menu.

Closed in the evening


Sebastian Fandrey and his team look forward to welcoming you at any time of the year.

We cook fresh for you:

  Thursday to Saturday: 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

 Sunday: 11:30am till 1:30pm     5:00pm till 8:00pm

If you have visitors, we have the right comfortable guest room.

Your next celebration is in the right hands with us.

We also offer a special arrangement in Advent!