The history of the family Fandrey Ries

Vor 100 Jahren hat der gelernte Holzdrechsler, der 1884 in Weitlingen geboren wurde, das „Goldene Lamm“ von Valentin Hähnle erworben. Zuvor bewirtschaftete er mit seiner Frau Kunigunde von 1912 – 1920 den Rosenkeller in der Nestleinsberggasse.

Karl Ries was co-founder of the Social Democratic Party in Dinkelsbühl and had a seat in the town council. He had a small farm, an insurance agency and until 1952 he was the landlord of the beer tent on the Schießwasen during the local festival. During the 3rd Reich he had to leave the town council and life was not easy for the social democrat during the 2nd World War. In 1945 he was made honorary mayor of Dinkelsbühl by the American forces. He stayed mayor until 1952, when his wife Kuni Ries died.

In 1948 Karl Ries junior returned from war and took over the Goldenes Lamm together with his wife Frieda from Feuchtwangen.

Karl Ries hatte bis zu seinem Tod 1962 viel Freude an seinen Enkelkindern Karl und Karola.

Karl Ries senior enjoyed life with his grandchildren Karl and Karola until his death in 1962. After spending many years in the principality Liechtenstein, in Switzerland and England and making major changes to the building, Karola took over the Goldenes Lamm in 1974 together with her husband Jörn (Bobby) Fandrey from Bremen who died in 1991. They have two sons, Sebastian and Jakob.

After his apprenticeship in the restaurant “Traube“ in Tonbach, Sebastian Fandrey, too, went to Switzerland. There he got to know his wife Doris in Valbella (Graubünden). The two have run the family hotel since 2003. The fifth generation Vincent and Oskar still enjoy their youth in the Goldenes Lamm in the Lange Gasse.